*Undergraduate co-author

Peer-reviewed Publications

Wares J, Crickenberger S, *Skoczen K, Trapnell D, Hamrick J, Wethey DS, Govindarajan AF. The cryptic biology of Chthamalus fragilis (Darwin 1854) on the Atlantic coast of North America.  Submitted to Journal of Crustacean Biology.


Crickenberger S, Wethey DS. 2018. Annual temperature variations as a time machine to understand the effects of long-term climate change on a poleward range shift. Global Change Biology. 24(8). pdf

Crickenberger S, Wethey DS. 2017. Reproductive physiology, temperature, and biogeography: the role of fertilization in determining the distribution of the barnacle Semibalanus balanoides. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. DOI: pdf

Crickenberger S, Walther K, and Moran A. 2017. Lower thermal limits to larval development do not predict poleward range limits of the introduced tropical barnacle Megabalanus coccopoma. Invertebrate Biology. 136(1): 37-49. pdf

Crickenberger S. 2016. Predicting a range shift and range limits in an introduced tropical marine invertebrate using species distribution models. Hydrobiologia. 763(1): 193-205. pdf

Crickenberger S, Walther K, Marchant S, Marko P, and Moran A. 2015. Acclimatization of thermal tolerance in larvae of the rocky-shore barnacle Pollicipes elegans. Invertebrate Biology. 134(4): 291-302. pdf

Crickenberger S, Moran A. 2013. Rapid range shift in a tropical marine invertebrate. PLoS ONE 8(10): e78008. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0078008. pdf

Walther K, Crickenberger S, Marchant S, Marko P, and Moran A. 2013. Thermal tolerance of larvae of Pollicipes elegans, a marine species with an antitropical distribution. Marine Biology. 160(10): 2723-2732. pdf

Crickenberger S, Sotka, E. 2009. Temporal shifts of fouling communities in

Charleston Harbor with a report of Perna viridis (Mytilidae). Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Sciences. 125(2): 78-84. pdf

Manuscripts in Preparation

Crickenberger S, Hui TY, Yuan FL, Bonebrake TC, Williams GA. Preferred temperature of intertidal ectotherms.  In preparation for Journal of Thermal Biology.

Chan KYK, Crickenberger S, Tso H, Cheng M, Williams GA. Larvae cannot use behaviour to avoid lethal temperatures in the rocky intertidal. In preparation for Marine Environmental Research.

Crickenberger S, Yeung ACY, Cheng M, Tso H, Chan KYK, Williams GA. Size assortative mating despite the absence of mate choice in Nerita yoldii. In preparation for Invertebrate Biology.

Crickenberger S, McAlister JS, and Wethey DS. Embryos are not energetically limited in the barnacle Semibalanus balanoides. In preparation for Marine Biology.

Crickenberger S, Genovese CB, Moran AL. Thermal safety margins of marine larvae.

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